Why Realtors Need Video Introductions

by Dec 27, 2021Real Estate Marketing0 comments

Before the advent of technology and modern marketing realtors had complete control over their listings and relied upon phone calls and clients walking in. There was no “Zillow” or major MLS, computers were not mainstream yet and paper was still the norm. Technology has added new levels of complexity to the way successful agents conduct business. To name a few modern marketing standards for realtors: websites, social media, online ads, photos, video, drones, and 3d tours. Understanding how to utilize new technology and marketing is crucial for being successful in the modern real estate world if your goal is attracting new clients. It has always been drilled into the heads of salesmen/women that meeting in person and creating a great relationship is crucial, however Covid-19 basically took that notion and threw it out the window. Eventually once the virus blows over the effects of Covid will still linger in the minds of people and change the way they live their lives, shop, and how they choose to deal with people. Keeping this in mind, video has become a pivotal way for realtors to continue to market and showcase their services and why clients should choose them! There is a great phrase “people buy people” and leveraging videos properly such as realtor introduction videos help agents connect with prospective clients 24/7 and serve as a constant representation of who you are, your core values, what you can offer buyers/sellers, and allow you to sell yourself, once again “people buy people” !

Video introductions give Realtors a competitive advantage.

Video introductions make it easy for realtors to showcase who they are, the areas they serve, what type of marketing they provide, and a chance to talk about what makes them unique. Another fun fact is that there are so many agents both young and old that are camera shy and worried about how they might appear or what they’ll say wrong, leaving opportunities for the agents that are leveraging video. Video introductions add credibility for agents and also can be of value in the end for closing deals. The internet and ability to run targeted ads allow your videos to popup on social media, youtube, and more creating the potential for leads to be generated day and night. Another valuable aspect of video introductions are for realtors working with buyers and looking to ensure that their offer has the most impact. In real estate transactions typically the buyer and seller remain relatively anonymous and only interact through their agents and attorneys removing their ability to meet or understand themselves better as individuals. A way to creatively circumvent this drawback is by using your smartphone to film a video as the realtor and quickly introduce yourself, talk about how easy you are to work with, and then discuss your clients and try to tell their unique story and needs, why they love the property etc and this can be very impactful. Based on numerous realtor accounts we can attest to the success that this strategy has generated for agents and their buyers. A few agents stated after their clients offer was accepted they spoke with the sellers realtor and that they specifically mentioned that “even though we had higher offers, listening to you speak made us confident that the transaction would be smooth and simple, and your clients story was heartfelt and liked by the seller who in the end made the decision.” This led to the Buyer agents’ success all from taking literally just a couple minutes to film a video introduction. Have you ever thought about leveraging this marketing tactic? If not, please try giving it a shot and let us know how it works out for you, we always love hearing about our clients and readers success!

Always online and generating leads

Unlike listing video tours which are great, agent introduction videos have a better play rate and can actually repeatedly generate new clients for realtors. Once a listing sells your video tour is typically done and you’re not really sharing it anymore. You can use past listing videos as a tool to promote your success and how you would market a future client listing. However, agent introduction videos have a much longer shelf life and serve as a constant online representation of you and your services. If filmed rite, and the content resonates, builds trust, it can help generate countless leads. Add it to your website, social media, email marketing, print flyer QR codes, and more.