Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand Design & Strategy

We help turn your visions into reality, while growing your brand.
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We believe in the marriage of creativity and technology. We’re strategists, creatives, and technologists, driven by a deviation to build digital brands and mesmerizing experiences.

  • Logo Design
  • Marketing Materials
  • Process Development
  • Growth Strategies

Photo & Video Production

Video content is engaging & Google’s Search Algorithms love original content

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Having a nice looking website and some well optimized keywords used to be all that was needed to drive traffic and business. However with changes that have occurred over the years with Google, things are not that easy anymore.

Google’s search algorithms have changed over the years to provide a more intimate and enhanced search experience for users. The goal is to provide the most direct, relevant, or related content based on a search. Google looks for websites that provide regular streams of relevant valuable content aside from their websites core pages.

For example: A static website that consists of a set amount of pages with little updates is viewed as “stagnant” in the eyes of Google and therefor your site gets ranked lower. Competitors that are releasing regular content such as videos, blogs, and free content rank higher and are proven to attract more viewers given the fact that they are always active and trying to give back free value to their communities which in the end comes back 10 fold to the business.

  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Aerial Photos & Video (FAA Licensed Operator)
  • Animated Videos / Whiteboards
  • Commercials for Cable & Fios

Social Media Management

Creating content that drives action across social media platforms.
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Social Media Marketing is a very broad terms because there is so much that can be encompassed within Social Marketing. The goal behind social media marketing is to create accounts on relevant platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and more etc. to link up with potential users/customers that may have interests in your product. On social media businesses tend to be a bit more playful and open showcasing behind the scenes clips, memes, or other relevant simple content that is meant to quickly engage and then drive the viewer back to your main business website. Cinemaflight helps setup, brand, manage, and automate social media marketing for your business to allow you to focus on running your business.

  • Social Media Account Management
  • Post Automation
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Live Streaming Videos
  • Social Media Shops

Audience Analytics

We provide tracking to monitor your business marketing performance.
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Website Development

Creating online experiences that engage and drive business.
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A quality website serves as the foundation for your business and a place that all of your customers should be directed. Having your own website allows for tracking & analytics to gain insight into your industry and customers. Cinemaflight has served small business clients to fortune 100 Enterprise clients alike. Our goal is to provide a high level of customer service throughout the entire design process through till launch, and then we are always around to manage everything.

  • Small Business Websites
  • eCommerce
  • Microsites
  • Blogs/Vlogs/Podcasts
  • Enterprise Websites

Search Engine Optimization

Does your business appear on the first page of Google? Does your website load fast?
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When is the last time that you did some research on your business and even your own name to see what pops up in Google? If you have not done this recently I recommend that you do it now… we’ll still be here waiting for you when you get back!

Google is the worlds most widely used search engine, there are over 4.0 Billion searches made per day on Googles platform world wide. With the proper research, planning, and implementation any business can begin ranking in Google search results.

Things can become complex if you are in a competitive market because there will be others bidding high on keywords to dominate a search radius, however with proper strategic planning you can target specific keywords that have most relevance to your business and plan to rank high for them by bidding on keywords and also creating and releasing relevant blogs, articles, and video content to boost the amount of paid and free traffic that can be funneling to your site.

Every business is unique and requires an analysis. Our goal is to learn your business and needs first, then pitch a solution that we feel will work best to help you grow.

  • SEO Analysis
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Monthly Ad Management

Email Marketing

Building a good list to market to is a great tactic for recurring business.
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A good email marketing list along with quality marketing campaigns can be a consistent driving factor for new business. Companies & Retailers that collect customer data regularly have the ability to constantly re-target customers and send out marketing materials to always keep your company on peoples mind.

We can work with your existing list or help you implement processes to regularly collect customer data to be used in re-marketing.

  • Email Campaigns
  • List Building Tactics
  • Marketing Videos

Workshops & Training

We can consult your team and provide actionable insights.
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Cinemaflight presents to businesses to showcase marketing tactics and help train employees on sales & marketing best practices to gain new customers, and retain existing customer while keeping them happy.

Interested in learning about something we do or having us train your team? Call us anytime, 973.650.0513 to speak with a Cinemaflight representative.

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