How to Photograph Small Bathrooms

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As someone with over a decade of experience in real estate photography, I can attest to the fact that high-quality photos can make a world of difference in the success of a property listing. That said, small bathrooms can pose a unique challenge when it comes to capturing them in their best light. But don’t worry – in this post, I’ll share my top tips for photographing small bathrooms and making them stand out.

How to photograph small bathrooms

First things first, let’s talk about the challenges of photographing small bathrooms. For starters, these spaces can be tough to navigate and leave little room for photographers to work with. On top of that, poor lighting or outdated fixtures can detract from the overall appeal of the space.

However, there are several techniques that can be employed to create stunning photos of even the smallest bathrooms. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Use a wide-angle lens: This will allow you to capture more of the space in one shot and make the bathroom appear larger than it actually is. Just be careful not to go overboard, as extremely wide-angle shots can distort the space and make it look unnatural.
  2. Shoot from multiple angles: Taking shots from various angles can showcase different aspects of the bathroom and give potential buyers a better sense of the space. Try shooting from the doorway, corners of the room, and even outside the bathroom to capture the layout as a whole.
  3. Use natural light whenever possible: Natural light is usually the most flattering for small spaces as it can make the room feel brighter and more open. If there’s a window in the bathroom, try shooting during the day to take advantage of this natural light source.
  4. Supplement with artificial light if necessary: If the natural light isn’t sufficient, consider using artificial light sources such as lamps or small studio lights. This will brighten up the space and make it look more inviting.
  5. Stage the bathroom with simple, attractive accessories: Adding a few well-placed accessories such as towels, candles, or plants can add interest and personality to the space. But keep it simple and avoid cluttering the space with too many items.
  6. Avoid shooting directly into mirrors: Directly shooting into a mirror can create glare and reflections that detract from the overall quality of the photo. Instead, try shooting at an angle to capture the mirror without unwanted reflections.
  7. Use a tripod: A tripod can help keep the camera steady and reduce blur, especially in low light situations. This ensures crisp and clear photos without any blurring or distortion.
  8. Experiment with different perspectives and compositions: Don’t be afraid to try different angles, perspectives, and compositions to find the most flattering shots. Try shooting from above, below, and even from the side to see what works best for the space.
99 Old Turnpike Rd Port Murray NJ shot by Cinemaflight 7408 1200

By employing these tips, you can capture the full potential of small bathrooms in photographs. And for real estate agents in New Jersey, these techniques can help make your property listings stand out from the rest. So give them a try and see the difference for yourself!