Personalized Hands On Commercial Level Autopilot Training

Real Estate Agents

Learn to properly leverage Autopilot’s Focus, Orbit, and Zip Line modes to create truly beautiful shots & 3D panoramas to help sell your properties

Police & Fire Dept.

Create search and rescue patterns to carefully cover large areas without the need to deploy helicopters

Events & Sporting

Follow, Pattern, and Airspace allow you to accurately and safely automate beautiful shots

Movies & Entertainment

Mixing manual and autonomous flying and camera control will help you create smooth, perfectly framed, and visual stunning imagery, videos, and time lapse clips

Customized Flight Training Designed To Help You and Your Business Leverage The Power Of Today’s Unmanned Aircraft.

The increasing power and declining cost of drones available today are creating new uses daily for real estate, law enforcement, search and rescue, entertainment, and surveillance.   While UAVs may be easier to fly, they still require a great deal of knowledge, confidence, and practice – especially if you’re looking to take advantage of the autonomous functionality of tools and software solutions like DJI Go, Autopilot,  Drone Deploy, etc..

Based upon your specific needs, we will customize partial day, full day, and weekend long training sessions with our expert flight instructors.   We use both indoor classroom training along with hands on outdoor training to ensure you walk away knowing exactly how to do what you want for your clients and customers.  We’ll walk you through equipment configuration, settings, pre-flight set-up, and then live training at your or our locations.

Our students have included:

  • Real Estate Agents / Companies Using UAVs for Video / Photo Shoots.
  • Police and Fire Departments building out UAV based Search and Rescue and
  • Golf courses and other entertainment locations that want to use UAVs for capturing video and image of events and their location.
  • Construction and Surveillance organizations looking to automate the missions flown by their quadcopters.
  • Aerial videography and photography companies looking to take their flight efforts to the next level

Hangar’s (previously Autoflight Logic) Autopilot solution is the number one rated 3rd party solution for DJI’s Phantom, Inspire, and Mavic.
While thousands have learned to fly using Autopilot via the detailed how-to videos that are available, there are many pilots that prefer face to face training.

Fortunately, one of our expert trainers is the actual “voice of Autopilot” – having created all the how-to videos for Autopilot.

All of the following tutorials for Autopilot were created by Cinemaflight.
Learn hands-on straight from one of the most experienced Autopilot users out there.




“Eric is a true A-player who not only understands Autopilot, but can communicate how to best use it in a very real and relatable way.   He is someone who I can give very little instruction to and get a result that is as good or better than what I would have done myself. In other words, adding more energy into the equation.  If you want to learn how to use the Autopilot solution, he’s the man to go to.”



“I just completed Autoflight’s Autopilot training with Eric Goldstein. I found the training to be a real confidence booster, giving me time to explore the features of the software with an expert right by my side. I’m a hands-on learner, and that’s just what I got. Autopilot is a sophisticated program that take mission planning and execution to a level I never thought possible. The software allows me to fly my drone with one person instead of two which is a real competitive advantage in today’s market. I love the software and encourage everyone to take the training.”


UAV PILOT, Independent

“I was really impressed by Autopilot , but daunted by the complexity of the App. The how-to videos are excellent, but I, like many others I know, wanted some personalized live hands-on training before I had the confidence to start running complex autonomous missions on my own. So much so, I traveled from Sydney to Florida to gain this experience for my growing UAV Business. Eric took the power of Autopilot and explained it in easy to digest customized chunks – first in a classroom type environment and then in the field – was invaluable. By the end of the weekend, Autopilot Guru, Eric Goldstein left me fearless. The software is bulletproof and I’m happy to entrust my $12,000 kit to autonomous flight. 300 flights, no issues.”


Co-Founder, Autoflight Logic, AUTOFLIGHT LOGIC

“I have worked with Eric Goldstein for over a year now through our company Autoflight Logic.  Eric has wrote, shot, produced, and edited over 20 highly complex and well-embraced tutorial videos for our drone flight control application (Autopilot) that are used by our customers daily.  We originally reached out to Eric because of the visual appeal and professional nature of his work product that we had observed through another company for which Eric had produced work product.  Eric has been a valuable business partner for us. ”


Tim Davis and Scott Fielding

Alachua County Fire Rescue

“As a Fire Rescue Agency starting a new UAV program, we reached out to Autoflight Logic to get some training on their Autopilot software. The software is very “feature rich” which can be confusing if you are new to UAS software. They directed us to Eric Goldstein, who has also produced all of Autopilot’s training videos. He was very responsive to our needs as an agency, providing both classroom and hands-on training, and tailoring it to exactly how we wanted to use the software. The training was thorough and he was able to demonstrate how each new feature built upon the previous one in a way that was easy to understand. Eric was very receptive to future features that we would be beneficial to fire rescue. Fantastic work all around.”


Stuart Boneham

Autopilot User

“I absolutely love Autopilot and tell everyone about it. Eric’s videos, posts, and professionalism are a huge differentiator for Autoflight Logic and they’ve been very lucky to have Eric’s involvement. I have read all of Eric’s posts and watched all of his videos and they’ve helped me as I’ve done progressively more complex waypoint and panoramic missions. If you’re looking to take your drone photography and videography to the next level, I highly recommend the Autopilot software – if you can get time with Eric, it will leapfrog your ability to to start using the software ten fold.”


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