Projects Case Study

The Challenge

The client wanted to market every aspect about their startup company, products, & services in the most professional way possible. All of this needed to be completed within budget, and strict deadlines. Branding, website content, data visualizations, infographics, videos were all on the list of tactics and assets that desperately needed to be created.

The Solution

After learning the exact client needs we were able to create a game plan to best execute the needed tactics & marketing assets. Cinemaflight was able to work on location at the clients headquarters alongside their marketing director to help translate their core company values and marketing needs through professional video, infographics and data visualizations. The assets we created went on to be used in pitching to investors during their startup funding rounds.

Product Photography & Branding

Professionally Filmed, Produced & Animated Company Videos

Company About Us Videos, Product Explainers & Demos, Promos, Investor Pitching Videos

Boosted Company Marketing Efforts Rapidly

Promotional Videos

Banner Ads

Product Photography


Social Media Syndication


To whom it may concern,

It has been my pleasure to work with the owner of Cinemaflight, Christian in our marketing efforts  at WhipTail for the past year.Christian brought a new set of capabilities and vision to our digital media department. His companies technical expertise in both composition and digital editing / post processing are impeccable. More importantly for me, Christian was always able to distill the essence of the message that marketing was trying to convey without having to occupy incredible amounts of time from the executive team. It is also my understanding that Christian always kept a keen eye toward staying on budget and delivering material on-time. I would not hesitate to work with him again in the future.


James Candelaria

CTO , Whiptail Technologies, NJ