Photo & Video Case Study

The Challenge

The client wanted to showcase every aspect of this listing inside, outside, and from the air. This property is located in a gorgeous location that is right across from a lake. Since the property is heavily surrounded by trees this project required some skillful drone flying on our end to safely capture the needed shots.

The Solution

We arrived at the location prepared and ready, completed a short walk around to get an idea of the property and plan ideas for the video tour. In under 2 hours the entire photo, video tour, and aerial photo & video shoot were completed. Next the footage was sent to our processing department for professional video editing. Cinemaflight worked with the agent to include in depth on screen animations for the promotional YouTube video such as the property info, an agent photo, and her companies logo.

Boosted Listing Views & Inquiries

Promotional Youtube Video

YouTube is a extremely great marketing resource and also great for SEO purposes. Having your listing on YouTube increases your chances of being noticed by customers.


Videos Generate More Leads & Help Build Agents Better Reputations

Video is proven to be a more engaging marketing asset in comparison to photos, however that is not to say that photos are not important they will always serve their purpose for the listing. What differentiates photos from video is the great value that video has even once your listing sells. Usually an agent is not going to refer back to an older listings photos for use in marketing themselves to a new seller. The value in creating custom branded videos to market your listings is that video has immense SEO potential and gets indexed on the first page of Google much easier than images. Realtors that market their listings using video can build a library of indexed videos across the towns they sell in and each video has the potential to pop up in a google search. Videos can have titles, in depth descriptions and tags that allow you to get creative with you information and target specific marketing keywords based on your goals.

Professional HD DSLR Photography

Smart agents know that listings with high quality photos are more likely to receive inquiries in comparison to listings with photos taken via cell phone or a low quality camera.