Seasonal World Pools & Landscape Design

The Challenge

Seasonal World had in excess of 30 luxury properties with pool installations that they were looking to professionally showcase. Previously they had relied upon conventional land photography to showcase their work. Though after learning about the business benefits of utilizing aerial photography and video they were interested. They wanted to prepare photography and video assets for future marketing campaigns for their next season. The true challenge was the time frame, with the season almost over and clients beginning to close up their pools for the season we had to work fast. We were able to set up multiple shoots per day for about 2 weeks and were able to successfully showcase all of their needed properties.

The Solution

Cinemaflight was able to send 1 employee to complete all the necessary work within the needed time frame. We take pride in how quickly and safely our pilots can operate. It took approximately 30 45 minutes per property to completely capture aerial photography and in depth low flying aerial video tours stunningly showcasing the pools and landscape design work. At the end of each day all footage was processed and edited.

  • Client Satisfaction 100%
  • Client Collaboration & Planning 100%
  • Traveling to Locations 100%

The Results Were Amazing

Working with Cinemaflight has allowed us to convey the true size and beauty of the backyards and pools that we create. What once required a series of close to 20 photographs to professionally showcase work can now be accomplished with one stunning aerial image. Cinemaflight was able to produce truly engaging content that to date continues to attract customers and bring valued business.