Full Service Video Production Case Study

The Challenge

The client wanted to capture all encompassing footage of the 2015 Jersey Girl Triathlon Event that they were sponsoring. They were interested in having footage captured on the ground and in the air by Drone. Also since it was a Triathlon event that meant there was going to be a lot of things going on at once that all needed to be captured in the video. One of the most difficult aspects of the shoot was capturing the moving footage of the woman racing their bikes over the course of over 10 miles.

The Solution

We arrived at the location prepared and ready with multiple employees to ensure maximum coverage, then immediately set up a shooting game plan began executing. We had a wide variety of creative filming equipment with us such as HD video cameras and stabilizing rigs for smooth footage, also we put to use a advanced electric skateboard to capture the moving bike shots. Using this board allowed us to keep up with the bikers while not losing our breath and being able to use both hands to operate the camera and stabilization rig all while simultaneously moving and following the bikers. It was a great experience and truly put our shooting skills to the test!

A Perfect Showcasing of the Event


Client Satisfaction