Infinity Solar Case Study

Infinity Solar was interested in showcasing their entire installation process from start to finish. We provided complete coverage on the ground and in the air to produce this engaging promotional video that now serves as a 24-7 piece of marketing collateral to attract business.

The Equipment we Used to Film

DJI Inspire 1 Drone

The DJI Inspire 1 is a spectacular Drone system that allows us to capture phenomenal footage from the sky. Our skilled pilots can fly to capture unique perspectives and moving camera shots that were once not possible.

Camera Tripods

To capture those perfectly stable and stationary shots, as well as fluid panning shots.

HD Cinema Cameras

Capturing quality HD content with DSLR cameras and wide selection of lenses for unique focal perspectives.

Camera Rolling Dolly

For capturing elegant low angle sliding shots where conventional equipment may not be suitable.

Multiple GoPro Hero 4 Action Cameras

GoPro cameras can capture amazing quality HD video, though they are also small enough to be head mounted, chest mounted, suction cup mounted to vehicles, and more! We have a wide array of GoPro cameras, wearable harnesses and mounts to attach to actors and more.

Camera Slider

Notice the subtle movements in some of the steady up close shots in the video above? That is made possible with this camera slider, it produces subtle movement that can drastically add emotion to footage and increase how engaging it is.

Stabilization Rigs

We utilize cutting edge electronic stabilization equipment to eliminate the need for conventional heavy stabilization camera rigs. We produce amazingly stable shots every time!

Electric Skateboard

Sometimes a drone is not practical for up close moving shots, with our unique motorized electric skateboard we can carry our stabilized camera rigs while following vehicles to create engaging moving stable shots. The intro scene in the video above was shot on a skateboard using the stabilized camera rig.

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